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Welcome, Dr. Angstrom

We are giddy with excitement to introduce Dr. Megan Angstrom as part of our team at Creekside Veterinary Clinic. When we asked around about her, everyone who knows her started out with some variant of, “She is soooooo nice,” before going on about how hard working and dedicated she is. We’re looking forward to our clients getting a chance to meet her.

Dr. Angstrom

Dr. Angstrom grew up just outside of Salem in the Macleay community and showed an interest in animal health at a very young age. When she was a wee tyke, her family’s cat caught and injured a mouse, which the future veterinarian helped nurse back to health.

She has an Oregon based education through and through. After excelling at Blanchet Catholic School, she went on to study Animal Science at Oregon State University before continuing with the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at OSU. Faith and service are very important to Dr. Angstrom, leading her to serve with two missions in Belize during her college years.

In addition to general practice with dogs and cats, Dr. Angstrom has a particular interest in chicken health care for flocks of all sizes.

When she isn’t working, Dr. Angstrom enjoys travel, spending time with her friends, and competing with her brother to see who can eat the spiciest food. She lives in Salem with her cat, Aslan.

Our Procedures for COVID-19

Dear Clients,

Current conditions with COVID-19 in Marion County require us to continue limiting our contact with our patients’ humans. Until conditions improve and there is a change in guidance, we will be using curbside service. With changes we’ve had to make inside the clinic, there isn’t usable space in our reception room for clients. Although our exam rooms are spacious for normal circumstances, they are still not large enough to see patients and maintain the needed spacing between humans. We know this may be disappointing to you because we feel that too, but it is needed for now.

We would like to have clients answer detailed questionnaires, using our website or verbally by phone, and then drop the patients off for their exams or procedures. That information about the patient's health status, and any questions or concerns you may have, will be reviewed by the doctor prior to the pet's exam. When you arrive at the clinic, please wait in the car with your pet and call us from your mobile phone. One of our team members will meet you outside to get your pet. We will then take the pet into the clinic for their exam or procedure. We can converse via phone or text during the exam if there are clarifications or recommendations that need to be made. We will then bring your pet and any prescriptions back to you in your car. Payments can be made by credit card over the phone.

Our food and medicine supplies are stable at this time and we are happy to fulfill your usual prescription refills or pet food purchases. You can also order from the wide selection at our online store, which is always available from the SHOP link on the top menu.

Thank you for your understanding. Please stay healthy.

Don't Hide Your Cat Away

Cat breaking through wallpaper

Most cats see their veterinarian only half as often as dogs. For an adult cat, one year is like four human years, so time flies and it’s important for them to have regular checkups.

Cats are stoic and do an impressive job of hiding their troubles. Whether your cat is indoors or outdoors, they are susceptible to a range of illnesses, and having a veterinarian monitor your cat’s health is the best way to catch problems early.

At Creekside Veterinary Clinic, we love kitties and can make their visits less stressful and more pleasant. If your cat doesn’t enjoy traveling, we’d like to offer some helpful tips.

Committed to the Care of Your Pet

Creekside Veterinary Clinic is a small animal hospital that is committed to offering excellent, compassionate veterinary care. We see dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, birds and reptiles and most other small companion exotics you can think of!

Dr. Leanne Eggert, Dr. Megan Strahon, Dr. Megan Angstrom, and the entire staff work hard every day to provide the best possible care for your pets. Our practice has been serving Keizer and the surrounding communities for nearly 30 years. We have an excellent and caring staff that is ready to help keep your pets healthy and to nurse them back to health when they are sick. For more information about us, please see our Doctors and Staff page.

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