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There are many sources of pet information on the Internet and it can be difficult to know which ones to trust. That's why our articles are written in-house by the same doctor you can talk to right here at Creekside Veterinary Clinic. Click below to choose an article about some of the common concerns you might experience with your pets.

Good Oral Health Has Many Benefits

Dental disease is by far the most common problem we see in pet dogs and cats (and many rodents, too). Really, should we expect anything different when most pets don’t have their teeth brushed on a daily basis? If we never brushed our teeth, we might also have seriously bad breath and lots of accumulated tartar. In addition to this being an embarrassing social problem and an aesthetic problem, dental disease is actually a serious health concern. The inflammation associated with gingivitis can allow nasty oral bacteria into the bloodstream which can then set up dangerous infections in the heart and kidneys.

When your pet has a red line on the gum tissue above the teeth or generalized swelling and redness of the gum tissue, this indicates the presence of gingivitis. If dental disease is allowed to go on un-checked, the gum tissue can pull away from the teeth and the bone that cements the teeth into the jaw gets “eaten” away. When dental disease gets to this stage, for the health and comfort of your pet, teeth often need to be removed. As veterinarians, we would much rather address dental disease in the early stages, before tooth extraction is unavoidable.

Dog getting his teeth brushed

Dogs and cats (and even ferrets) would benefit from daily brushing. Brushing every other day or even twice weekly isn’t perfect, but it sure goes a long way toward preventing dental disease. If the prospect of brushing Fido or Fluffy’s teeth gets you nervous, don’t worry, it may not be as bad as you think. We offer poultry flavored (aka yummy) toothpaste and special finger brushes that can make entering an anxious pet’s mouth a little easier. If you start brushing your puppy or kitten’s mouth early in their life, they become comfortable with the process and it can be an easy part of your routine that prevents dental disease for many years.

If your schedule or your wiggly pet prevents you from brushing, you can try a prescription dental diet from Royal Canin or Science Diet available through veterinarians. These diets have a larger kibble size that encourages your pet to chew thoroughly before swallowing. This special kibble is made to perform a scrubbing action on the teeth, effectively brushing your pets’ teeth as they chew. There are also dental supplements such as Greenies chews and anti-bacterial mouthwash-like products that help to delay the buildup of tartar.

Cat with his mouth open

Preventing dental disease is ideal, but what happens if your pet has already developed dental disease? The next important step is a visit to your veterinarian for a professional dental cleaning and polishing. Because cats and dogs rarely open up and say ahhhhh, thorough dental cleaning needs to be performed under general anesthesia. At Creekside Veterinary Clinic we use the safest gas anesthesia and monitoring equipment. We offer intravenous catheters and fluids and pre-anesthetic blood testing to keep your pet safe during their dental cleaning. We scale the pet’s teeth above and below the gum-line and polish their teeth with the same toothpaste and polisher that your human dentist uses. We offer surgical extraction for any abscessed, fractured or seriously diseased teeth. If you can implement maintenance dental diets or brushing after the dental cleaning, the time between dental cleanings can be greatly extended. Caring for your pet’s teeth keeps them healthier and happier and they’re sure a lot more fun to snuggle with when their bad breath isn’t knocking your socks off.

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