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Pet Health Superheroes

Our team of health care superheroes is here to help your pet prevail through preventive care, beat bacteria, vanquish viruses, defeat dental disease, and conquer cancer.

If you prefer, you can enter our trusted circle and also learn about our alter egos.

Superhero dog saving a cat

This is a selection of photos from our 2018 Iris Festival Parade entry. Our float and our costumes represent pet health superheroes. Our team was augmented by a giant cat fighting bacteria with an antibiotic bomb, and by a giant dog using a fiery syringe to defend against viruses.

2018 Iris Festival Parade float with our team 2018 Iris Festival Parade float


The AdvoCat - On the side of the animals.

AdvoCat AdvoCat


Ratvenger is here to change minds about pet rats.

Ratvenger Ratvenger

The Vaccinator

He's the Vaccinator, striking terror in the hearts of preventable infectious diseases. Hasta la vista, Rabies!

The Vaccinator The Vaccinator The Vaccinator

Flame Point

She has fire from her ears and fire in her soul.

Flame Point Flame Point

Boss Cat

Cats are calm, cool, and collected in the presence of the Boss Cat.

Boss Cat Boss Cat

Captain Cavy

With her haybranium shield, Captain Cavy is the defender of the Wheeeek!

Captain Cavy Captain Cavy

Canine Crusader

The Canine Crusader, aka the Dark Pup, sniffs out pet health injustices and puts them in the slammer.

Canine Crusader Canine Crusader

Vet Valiant

Vet Valiant always shows courage and exhibits determination in the face of pet health crises.

Vet Valiant Vet Valiant

German Shepherdess

The German Shepherdess keeps everyone in line.

German Shepherdess German Shepherdess

Winged Warrior

With his laser eyes, the Winged Warrior hovers at the ready, capable of cauterizing or sterilizing on a moment's notice.

Winged Warrior Winged Warrior

The Heeler Healer

He's healing the hearts of one Australian Cattle Dog at a time.

Heeler Healer Heeler Healer
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